[FIP-004] - Proposal for Gas Reimbursement for Humble Farmers

As you all know, for those who play with smaller portfolios, gas costs are a big factor in determining whether to enter a pool or not. Many small farmers entered these pools with a calculation on breaking even. However, closing phase 2 early meant many of these farmers did not breakeven on their gas costs and will instead exit these pools at a loss.

I would like to propose a gas reimbursement for those who meet the folllwing criteria:

  1. Deposited with less than $30k in capital.
  2. Deposited before Mar 26, 2021, 11:00 AM (the conclusion of the governance vote to close phase 2 early)

This gas subsidy shall be provided in BANK. What $ amount this may be is open to discussion and a recommendation from the team.


as shrimp, I don’t think this is needed. It’s just the cost of doing a business.

The first test of this proposal, I suppose, will be if any of those impacted will make their voices heard here by advocating for it.

I’m sympathetic to losses incurred by those who entered the pools without the capital necessary to cover gas prices given the shortening of Phase 2, but costs versus benefits in these situations is generally something that can only ever have been established retroactively due to the ability of one’s potential gains to get diluted by other parties joining the pool with you. This is one of the reasons the official website does not post an APY on the pools. At the end of the day, regardless of the value of accrued BANK versus gas costs, the pools were first and foremost a distribution method and not a vehicle for profit. Even if they did not achieve the latter, they did achieve the former (with differential efficiency according to pool and volume staked).


People join and believe in projects because there is opportunity or they would save their hard earned money. The team has said openly that they did not anticipate the volume and certainly not commercial farmers. I think in good faith it would be a good gesture to reimburse gas fees since the opportunity to recover them was not afforded. A 10K stake rendered less than .02 BANK. This was certainly not the intended outcome.


I agree, I think smaller farmers should be given the benefit of the doubt and reimbursed.

I agree - gas costs are prohibitive and as the farms ended early I ended up making a loss due to gas fees!

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