[FIP-007] - SafeSnap Treasury


This is a proposal to deploy a new Gnosis Multi-sig that will hold treasury funds (separate from the current Operations Multi-Sig) that will keep the benefits of off-chain voting while allowing trustless and permissionless on-chain execution, using the Gnosis DAO module and SafeSnap plugin.

SafeSnap has now moved beyond proof of concept / testnet stage with GnosisDAO having enabled it themselves


The current governance structure (“Multi-sig as a proxy”) is:

  • Inclusive (gas-free trusted voting via Snapshot / Scattershot)
  • Requires trust in the Operations Multi-Sig to faithfully execute the proposals on-chain.

In order to increase autonomy and trust in the system we should increase the control the BANK DAO has over its on-chain execution.

As I’ve recently been talking about how DAOs move at the speed of trust. So more trust means we no longer have to carefully mint BANK funds directly to contracts (reducing flexibility).

By deploying a new Gnosis Safe, DAO Module and SafeSnap module we should be able to move “Multi-sig as a safeguard” to allow for multi-sig owners to veto malicious actions or act quickly in the case of emergency.

In addition, as part of FIP-006 we will have a number of new signers who will ensure the veto power is sufficiently distributed.


The setup should be very similar to GnosisDAO except with a newly deployed contract, and a BANK based instance of Reality.eth, a minimum bond of 20 BANK