[FIP 011] - Hold an additional vote for multisig guardians

Hold an additional vote for multisig guardians


0xMaki was a clear favourite choice of the previous vote to add guardians to the Treasury multisig. However, it has been raised to attention that the previous vote was confusing. Some voters were not aware that they had the ability to choose multiple options. Additionally, the threshold being set at 50% would mean that voters would merely vote for a single person as it would be impossible for a multiple individuals to surpass the 50% threshold if relying on the visual Results table as a guide rather than delving into the data. This would have led to heavily biased and indirected voting without being consciously aware of the mechanisms of the vote.

Therefore, a simpler additional vote is being proposed:

  • Have a single choice (Yes) snapshot vote for each of the suggested signers (excluding 0xMaki).
  • The top two signers with the most BANK voted in favour of them shall be added to the multisig (along with 0xMaki)

Suggested Signers

We had multiple signers offer to join the multisig, and all have known public reputations and history in the Blockchain space. Note that this is not a lifetime appointment, and the DAO can choose to add more signers / remove signers in the future

  • Ana Andrianova of Akropolis (0x2C41a5Ca635449bE8d2CD997bc1A4A83AD9DFbe0)
  • Batuhan Dasgin (0xdC55714ED9D984F915d07b4D562A6d3dEefA332a)
  • Ben Middleton from MCV (0x692a6bE9C1b2418253f6AD44C018De68c73ac0eC)
  • Eden Block (0x01a8055A97b461b58ba8e37cd349721FeAe77A8D)
  • Sergei Chan of BlockScience (0xDa28ddF14Ec309F3f506315Da623618F8D829F10)

Further Information

The new Treasury Multisig (0xF7778C13eA98a857312F2b6a6f3bbc4Ac344fF67) will manage the DAO’s funds which are used to incentivise liquidity pools, hire, perform DAO collaborations, and reward community contributions to the Protocol. This Multisig will likely be managed through SnapSafe allowing direct DAO control over the usage of funds, however in this transitional period we wanted to allow the community some additional optionality by adding signers who will become short term signers and long term guardians in the SnapSafe system.

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Let’s do it! Having an other multisig vote and more clearer process is very welcome!

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I propose a slight amendment, where it is a single choice vote. Vote Yes to add. We add the top two with the most number of "Yes"s. This ensures we add more people to the multisig with the aim of decentralisation rather than arguing over correct vote weighting of yes/no. Plus it pushes us towards a 7 person multisig.

β€” edited the original proposal accordingly.