[FIP 015] - Float Protocol seeding Rari Fuse Pool 90 Liquidity

Earlier this year the Community expressed its desires in terms of asset allocation of the recent treasury diversification. As we embark on pushing through with these purchases it is worth thinking what will we do with all the DAI and ETH assets in the treasury.

It is proposed to deposit $100k worth of DAI and $100k worth of ETH from the treasury into the Rari Fuse pool 90 - Float Protocol Pool to bootstrap liquidity for lending.

This will enable $BANKsters and $FLOATers to borrow against their holdings without losing out on their beloved tokens, and further support Float Protocol by using its pool on Rari Fuse.

Float Protocol is then able to accrue yield on treasury assets by supporting the community and reduce the need to sell more BANK in the future in the name of treasury diversification.

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We somehow have to kickstart the rari pool. If the 100k DAI are sufficient we should sell the needed ETH.

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Are we sure 100k$ is enough? I mean gas fees are quite high and will stay like this on L1. So I’m asking myself if users will trade these “small” amounts? Will they think they can make a profit high enough to compensate for the high gas fees? Doing the approval for FLOAT, DAI, deposit, borrow …

It’s a percentage of the recent treasury diversification which was 1.2M. We can always seed with more, but it is to kickstart the pool

I totally aggree we need to funnel some money to the pool to kickstart it. I would have voted even for more than the 100k$ for each assets. But let’s start with it and see how it goes.