[FIP 017] - Get David B on board full time

Earlier this year David was recommended to us as a jack of all trades who can help us with day to day operations. Since taking him on board on a part time basis we’ve been thoroughly impressed with his proactive and goal-getting mindset. Apart from taking care of everything community related, he’s also been an integral part of our business development activities during the past couple of months. Having already entrusted him with a place among the operational multisig signers, we believe making him a full time member of the team is the next logical step. His updated list of responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Represent the protocol in all business related activities
  • Help out with recruitment as the team grows to achieve its goals
  • Generally be responsible for looking after the Community and bringing any relevant things to the developers’ attention.
  • Manage the Discord, Telegram, Forum during reasonable waking hours.
  • Do community tasks as they arise, such as tabling Snapshot votes, organising community calls, amongst other things.

As such, it is proposed to pay David B 4,000 FLOAT per month for the next year.

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Great to hear the team is expending / hiring full time!

I hope the communication with the community further improves. Especially when FIP’s are activated announcements should be made over all communication channels. But I already made my point in discord last week. So let’s hope the best and do it.