[FIP 020] - Phase 4 (III) Check up Poll

The bonds programme with Olympus pro has been popular. We are currently looking at adding FLOAT-ETH bonds via snapshot vote. Alongside, the multiplier pools have continued to perform well, maintaining significant amounts of liquidity staked while earning BANK rewards.

As the Protocol looks to continue its bonds program with the aim of acquiring BANK-ETH and FLOAT-ETH LP to its treasury, the Protocol looks to manage the Phase 4 (III) BANK rewards in tandem. Thus, it is proposed from the 21st of November to have the following rewards for 4 weeks:

  • 50 BANK per week to BANK-ETH sLP Pool
  • 200 BANK per week to FLOAT-ETH sLP pool
  • 20 BANK per week to FLOAT-USDC LP (Uniswap v3 + Low fee) pool
  • 40 BANK per week to BANK-only pool

This should maintain a significant proportion of liquidity in the pools while rolling out the bonds, in addition to adjusting the inflation of BANK.

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Looks good to keep enough liquidity in the pools.