[FIP 021] - Round 2 of BANK-ETH Bonds on Olympus Pro

The BANK-ETH sLP Bonds have been very popular. Popular to the point that they have sold out. To satisfy the hunger of fellow bonders as well as increase the Protocol’s ownership of liquidity it is proposed to continue with the BANK-ETH Olympus Pro Bonds for a second round.

This would mean 3200 BANK at a rate of 800 BANK per week to the BANK-ETH Bonds.

Just some preliminary stats on Olympus Pro as of the 5th of November:

  • Our net position: ~ $471,898.80 in liquidity tokens from the point of BANK running out.
  • This was in exchange for 3,200 BANK = $522k on day of transfer.
  • On net this works out at around a 9.6% discount, probably more on average. Including the Olympus pro fee.
  • Generally price impact has been minimal despite adding 3200 BANK to the market.

As the bonds seem to be very popular I would suggest to somehow reduce the discount and see how it goes.