[FIP 024] - Deploy Liquidity on Polygon + FLOAT bonds on VESQ

Vesq is a reserve currency system inspired by Olympus DAO and built for the Polygon ecosystem. With Polygon being the next step for the expansion of FLOAT, the core Float Protocol team reached out to Vesq and their team for a potential partnership. Having been more than impressed by the people working behind it, it is proposed to move forward with the cooperation.


As a reserve currency, Vesq is going to use FLOAT to further diversify its treasury. To do that Vesq is going to offer single sided FLOAT bonds on its platform. In order to provide liquidity for FLOAT on Polygon, it is proposed to bridge across 125,000 FLOAT (~ $200k USD) from the Float Protocol treasury for a Uniswap v3 position, which Vesq is then going to match.

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