[FIP 026] - Remove bonus multiplier from all Multiplier Pools

One thing that we’ve heard multiple times from the community is about the UX of the Multiplier Pools. In particular the fluctuating reward amounts and unclear APYs. Given their complexity and the fact that people are not claiming rewards as actively as expected, we are proposing to disable the additional bonus multiplier on the existing pools. This should allow the reward displayed to be more consistent while rewarding passive long term stakers.

Please note that turning off the bonus multiplier does not mean that the “Multiplier Pools” are no longer “multiplied”. Instead, the underlying “stake-second” mechanic will become more dominant.

The share of all released rewards is currently dependent on time staked multiplied by amount staked, but with an additional bonus multiplier if you’ve staked for a set period of time (up to a cap). Removing the bonus multiplier will result in less fluctuations in the “BANK earned” section of the current pool cards.

It is important to contrast this with “traditional reward pools” which just rely on amount staked with the only time involvement via discrete block / timestamp checkpoints. Our Multiplier Pools do not have checkpoints - instead we fully rely on the time staked * amount staked, which rewards long term stakers more than early stakers.

We believe that the current point in time is the best for such a change and this will be the right move for the long term.

Could you post the formula of the current status and the planned status and give some example values, so we can understand it better? Thanks!

Hey :slight_smile: so the current multipliers for BANK-ETH, FLOAT-ETH and FLOAT-USD are:

  • 1x by default
  • 1.25x at 8 days
  • 1.5x at 16 days
  • 1.75x at 24 days
  • 2x at 32 days
  • 2.25x at 40 days
  • 2.5x at 48 days
  • 3x at 60 days

For BANK-only the current multiplier is:

  • (30 days minimum lock up on deposit)
  • 1.3x multiplier for 60 days
  • 2x multiplier for 90 days

If relying on stake value & time alone then you can think of it as 1 dollar staked for a minute has the same share as 60 dollars staked for a second. Hence long term stakers are still rewarded as their share is multiplied based on the duration of their stake not just the relative value.