[FIP 027] - Retiring rewards for the FLOAT-USDC pool

We are proposing to stop rewarding the FLOAT-USDC pool. This pool served as a price oracle for our Rari Fuse pool, but as that pool is going to remain paused for the time being - we are not truly in need of it as future price oracles can rely on the FLOAT-ETH pair on Uniswap v3 or on Sushiswap.

when people leaving the FLOAT-USDC pool, will this not lead to higher slippage as we lose a lot of liquidity?

The current liquidity levels in FLOAT-USDC are relatively low to the other pools. Although, I agree being Uniswap V3 it is fairly efficient. But there is adequate liquidity in both FLOAT-ETH pools on Uniswap v3 and Sushiswap to cater to typical trade volumes seen previously.