[Grant] TerraBullus - Community Moderator

TerraBullus has been very actively engaging with a lot of new community members in the Float community and helping the team answer questions. In general, he has been a positive force in the server. Without any incentive, he has taken a role as a weaver of the community. Myself, along with other Float Community members believe this should be positively reinforced and TerraBullus’ involvement within the Float Community should be formalized in the long term.

In this spirit, we would like to propose to bring him on as a Community Moderator.

As part of this role, TerraBullus will essentially be continuing what he is doing right now. However, in order to ensure that the expectations of the role are understood, these shall be recorded for clarity.

TerraBullus will have the following responsibilities:

  • Answering questions put forward by members of the community where appropriate.
  • Contributing to governance dialogue.
  • Act as a bridge between the community and the team by ensuring that concerns raised on all social platforms are put to the team and answers obtained where appropriate.

Compensation - Grant

There is scarcity of talent in DeFi, we must remunerate TerraBullus for his time and effort through establishing a grant system that can also then stimulate further community growth. This is the proposed compensation by TerraBullus which he would be happy to receive for the role of Community Moderator:

3 BANK per month to be released incrementally over the course of 3 months.
Once the initial 3-month period has concluded, continuation will be dependent on a new proposal being submitted that will take into account the changing demands of the role and changes in the value of BANK.

The funds will be streamed to TerraBullus using a Sablier Stream.

Hello and thanks for the write-up. Reward is clear, but where is the rewarded Bank going to be sourced from is not. Are you proposing additional inflation on top of 168.000 Bank?

Nope, tapping into existing community governed treasury.

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Thanks, @0xfarther, for creating this. It’s a great compliment. I was involved in the writing of the proposal but if there’s any questions it doesn’t cover that are for me personally, I’m happy to do my best to answer them.