Phase 4 (III) continued

Phase 4 (III) rewards continued:

Bonds appear to be performing relatively fairly well. BANK price is pretty stable and so far $66,000 total value has been bonded after one week. Meaning that we are on course for over $250,000 USD of BANK-ETH LP acquired by the treasury.

In the meantime the next batch of rewards for four weeks to the pools proposed will be as follows

  • 100 BANK per week to BANK-ETH sLP Pool
  • 400 BANK per week to FLOAT-ETH sLP pool
  • 100 BANK per week to FLOAT-USDC LP (Uniswap v3 + Low fee) pool
  • 40 BANK per week to BANK-only pool

Note the 100 BANK per week to BANK-ETH LP pool rather than 150 BANK per week. The reduction is based on a look towards bonding more in the future and to reduce inflation of BANK.

Would be great to hear the Community’s thoughts