Retire all Staking Pools and migrate rewards to Rari Fuse & OP Bonds


I would like to suggest retiring all current in-house staking pools and migrate rewards and liquidity to a combination of Rari Fuse pool #90 and Olympus Pro Bonds.

The staking pool is a relatively inefficient system of retaining and utilizing locked liquidity, and while there are benefits of long term staking in the multiplier pool, it is observed that users withdrawing liquidity (especially larger amounts), this affects everyone else in the pool, which is controversial.

In light of this I would like to propose migrating and streaming BANK rewards directly into liquidity locked in the Rari pool and eliminate the multiplier concept, reducing complexity.
The elimination of the multiplier is offset by the fact that liquidity in the pool can be used as collateral, reducing the need for the Treasury to supply all liquidity. As such, I propose that:

BANK-only pool to be rewarded via Rari Fuse
BANK-ETH pool to be retired/migrated to OP bonds
FLOAT-ETH pool to be retired/migrated to OP bonds
add G-UNI USDC/FLOAT LPs as a depositable asset on Rari and apply same reward rate as current

Comments/feedback is welcome!

I like the idea. Would definitely move my Bank over there.

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I think we should go for this proposal. I see more pros.
Maybe other people can chime in and tell their opinion.

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I like this idea. I think we transition towards this gradually though, to avoid rapid liquidity drops in the interim especially following what has happened with the Rari exploit. Moreover, catering to OP bonds will require a fair amount of BANK but it is good to get a robust base of POL for the long term.

Iā€™d like to add, would you consider G-UNI FLOAT/USDC bonds on Olympus Pro?

It could, but Iā€™m torn whether the Treasury should hold these positions or whether a user can use the LP as collateral to borrow against on Rari.